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Your Virtue, Our Vice (cream).

Our 100% plant-based ice cream is crafted in small batches in-house, served to you both by the scoop and the pint. But before it hits your cone, we want to share a bit more about what goes into that icy goodness that is good for the planet, the animals, and for you.


A Collaboration: Virtuous Pie x Vitruvi

We collaborated with Vitruvi essential oils, reinterpreting the popular Lavender oil into a limited edition, 100% plant-based ice cream. Taste the magic that happens when Vitruvi essential oils meet our plant-based ice cream.


Hello World 👋🏼

Vancouver, meet VIRTUOUS PIE! On September 10th, 2016, Virtuous Pie officially opened its doors in Vancouver BC’s Chinatown, inviting the community to experience and enjoy the delights of 100% plant-based pizza and ice cream.

Pizza & Ice Cream That Plant Life