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We now have our own Online Ordering system. Schedule your pick-up order up to days in advance and avoid third-party charges and fees!


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Our Story

Virtuous Pie is all about creating food that tastes great, is good for your body and supports a healthy planet. Our mission is to bring these values together as a delicious range of plant-based pizza and ice cream. We’re out to create positive change in the world—one slice (or scoop!) at a time.


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Work With Us

Our team is a dynamic and passionate group. While it may start within the doors of Virtuous Pie, it goes beyond that. We offer opportunities to get involved in our Virtuous Pie events, charity activities, industry education and internal growth opportunities for those who are passionate and interested in pursuing careers within our fast growing business.


Virtuous Pie Victoria Communal Bar


Serving Vancouver, Portland, and Victoria! Find your nearest Virtuous Pie and stay up-to-date with our expanding list of current and upcoming locations.


Eat Virtuous

Pizza + Ice Cream That Plant Life