Virtuous Pie is committed to connecting with our community and supporting causes that align with our vision and values:

• Animal Rights

• Environmental Causes

• Social Causes

• Community Events

Please note, Every month we receive hundreds of donation requests so we ask you to allow us some time to review and respond.  We also appreciate your understanding that although we would like to support everyone, at this time we cannot always do so and wish you the best in your efforts.


Retail & Promotional Partnerships

Are you a new or established vegan food, beverage or apparel product, looking for a place to sell your goods?

We offer wholesale partnerships, where we buy your goods at wholesale and sell them in the store at retail price. We also offer promotional partnerships, where we charge nothing to display and promote your products in-store and across some of our own channels.


Food Waste

As a restaurant, food waste happens for various reasons. Virtuous Pie is proud to continue supporting a healthy planet + our community by regularly donating edible food waste to partners in each of our markets.

To learn more about our community specific initiatives, please visit the ‘community’ tab on each of our location pages.


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