Store Team feautre Kelsey McInnes Virtuous Pie General Manager with food

Virtuous Pie is in our people. We know that we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing store teams. Our restaurant team members are the people that you see day in and day out – bringing the Virtuous Pie vision to life. From making your favourite pizzas to helping you choose the perfect scoop for dessert. That’s why we wanted to feature some of our favourite people in the world – our store partners! 


Today, we’re excited to get to know Virtuous Pie Victoria General Manager, Kelsey McInnes. 


KELSEY MCINNES | Victoria General Manager 


Let’s start easy! What’s your favourite pizza on the menu? 

Italian Eggplant, hands down! I mix it up with Stranger Wings or Superfunghi. 


What about off-menu – any add on/swap hacks you can recommend to guests? 

Too many! I love adding mushrooms to the Stranger Wings. I love adding San Marzano tomato sauce to dip my Garlic Knots in. I love adding Frank’s Hot Sauce on top of my Caesar Salad. I know it’s weird but it’s delicious! The best hack of all though is just always getting a dip for your crust. Yum! 


Fun fact: what’s something most people may not realize about you? 

People may not know that I am a certified nail technician! Years ago, I finished a nail tech course and ran a successful side biz for many years! 


What does living a plant-based lifestyle mean to you? 

It’s about showing people that eating vegan does not mean boring, plain, unfamiliar food. It means the opposite! One of my favourite things to do is to host my omni friends and show them just how great vegan cooking is. Hopefully, soon, more dinner parties will be in order. 

I‘m coming up on 13 years vegan! Being vegan to me means eating great food without harming a fellow being. I have always loved animals and thankfully so many years ago I made the connection that farm animalspets, and animals in a zoo all have the desire to live freely. The health, environmental, and human rights benefits come second. 

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