Today, we’re excited to introduce Virtuous Pie Victoria Head Chef, Christina Zoubos.

Her face might be familiar to you as she’s worked at 3 of our restaurants over the past 3 years: UBC, Toronto, and Victoria! No one can deny that Christina will always make you feel welcome and never fails to make you laugh. Some fun facts: she’s an olive-lover (she created the new Mediterranean pizza!) and has her own candle company, WAXY JAXX.


Let’s start easy! What’s your favourite pizza on the menu?  

Superfunghi for life! I like to add our house-made Italian sausage to it.

What about off-menu – anything you can recommend to guests?  

Definitely our Mac and Cheese with added broccoli – it’s like a cheddar broccoli soup but full of carbs and delicious.

I’ve also really been into the Marinara lately. It’s simple (just our San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Basil) but every flavour shines through beautifully.

Tell us about something you are passionate about. 

I’m quite passionate about food photography and styling. I try to play around with colours and light at home when I’m making things. I also love colour theory, which helps me a lot when working with recipes. I love finding ways to make them not only tasty, but aesthetically appealing as well, because you know, we eat with our eyes first.

What’s a fun fact people might not know about you?

I went to school for fashion and marketing, and worked at a radio station before making the transition to culinary. Even though I grew up in restaurants, I never cooked for anyone until I was 21. The first time I held a dinner party, my friends brought McDonald’s in case my food was awful.

Virtuous Pie is in our people. We know that we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing store teams. Our restaurant team members are the people that you see day in and day out – bringing the Virtuous Pie vision to life. From making your favourite pizzas to helping you choose the perfect scoop for dessert. That’s why we wanted to feature some of our favourite people in the world – our store partners! 

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