The Sweetest Collaboration | Mindful FÜD

Is honey considered vegan? According to various studies on bee treatment, the answer is a resounding “no.” 

But, with hot honey generously drizzled on a number of our pizzas, you might wonder if our honey is vegan. (Spoiler: The answer is “yes!”) 

Back in 2018, we embarked on a quest to create our unique hot honey recipe.  

Countless hours went into perfecting this recipe, and it was first used on the Sweet Pepper + Sausage pizza. 

Our vegan honey is a blend of four primary ingredients: filtered apple juice, brown rice syrup, chamomile tea, and chili flakes. 

While our community has come to love this vegan hot honey recipe, it can often be a challenge replicating the perfect consistency with each batch. 

Introducing the Bee-Mindful Hunnie Collaboration 

A few months ago, we received samples of Hunnie from Mindful FÜD, and it was love at first taste.  

As a restaurant committed to producing most of our ingredients in-house, we don’t take outsourcing lightly. 

Which is why we were so pleased to see the ethical ingredients in Mindful FÜD’s Hot Hunnie:

  • (Fresh Pressed) ORGANIC Apple Juice 
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • (Verified Vegan) Organic Sugar 
  • Organic Chilis 

Plus, we love that they work directly with farmers and are so dedicated to delivering quality vegan honey across Canada.  

Taking the plunge and teaming up with Mindful FÜD was a no brainer! 

If you’re interested in trying the new hot honey on our menu, you’ll find it on the Sweet Mary Jane and the Sgt. Pepperoni pizzas. Or simply request it as an add-on for any pizza on our menu!  

At the time of writing, Mindful FÜD’s Hot Hunnie is available at Virtuous Pie’s Vancouver and Victoria locations.

About Mindful FÜD 

Venessa, moved to Salmon Arm in 2021 and noticed all of the fallen apples at the orchards and decided to do something about all of the food waste. Jake, who is the executive chef and co-founder, went to work creating a recipe for the first and only vegan honey alternative made from fresh pressed organic apple juice!  


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