The Story of Superfunghi

The Story of Superfunghi

There’s a reason the Superfunghi consistently ranks among the top 4 bestsellers at Virtuous Pie.

This mushroom pizza is an herbaceous twist on a classic.

At its core, the familiar flavours of wild mushrooms and potato cream are paired with a satisfying bed of crunchy arugula to finish.

But, in between those layers of flavours and textures live the unsung heroes that make the Superfunghi a long-standing crowd-pleaser. Our signature cheeses — the cashew mozzarella and truffle almond ricotta — lend themselves generously to this simple blend of herbs and plants.

Since opening for business in 2016, our flagship location in Vancouver’s Chinatown has sold over 80,000 Superfunghi pizzas.

Given its popularity, we added a second mushroom pizza to our menu in the summer of 2020 — the Forager.

But, even the sophisticated ensemble of pesto, caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, and Italian sausage didn’t stand a chance at surpassing the Superfunghi’s marketability.

Perhaps this Virtuous Pie classic owes some of its success to the uniqueness of its name.


A Virtuous Pie Classic

Do you know the red-capped mushroom with white spots from Super Mario Brothers?

While Nintendo originally named it Magic Mushroom, they later changed it to Super Mushroom following big debates about the game’s references to psychedelic drugs.

For us at Virtuous Pie, a mushroom pizza that was going to be a fan favourite needed a name that invoked fond memories.

So, we took inspiration from the Super Mushroom, and that is the story of how the Superfunghi came to be a Virtuous Pie classic.


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