Mark your calendars — our new Spring Menu launches March 30.

On Wednesday, March 30th, we’re introducing all-new pizzas, shared plates, desserts, salads, drinks, and ice cream flavours! 

Keep reading to find out what all our new items are!


cheesy Garlic Focaccia:

The perfect dish for sharing, bread! Dip our indulgent Cheesy Garlic Focaccia in a sweet donair sauce.


Our plant-based take on a classic Carbonara, using TVP bacon, mushroom lardon, and cashew cream.

MoROCK’n Roll Salad:

Inspired by falafel, this summery salad is packed with spiced chickpeas, fresh herbs, and tons of flavour


Sgt. Pepperoni:

Named after Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this pizza isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s our elevated take on a classic pepperoni pizza –  made with spicy house-made pepperoni, peppery arugula, and our house-made hot honey.


Inspired by Korean BBQ Bulgogi, this pie packs a punch with spicy cucumbers, pickled carrot + red onion, and a gochujang aioli drizzle.

Kats-You Later:

Katsu Curry made into pizza form: Kats-You Later! Made with curried tofu, cashew mozzarella, tonkatsu sauce, and pickled carrot + red onion.

Greece Lightning:

Inspired by a traditional savoury Greek pie, spanakopita. This light + fresh pizza is filled with spinach, tofu feta, and herbs. Shoutout to our name inspiration, Grease!


skillet cookie:

Our giant skillet cookie is being updated for the season with a fresh Strawberry Compote.

seasonal cannoli:

We love changing up our Cannoli flavours to stay in tune with the seasons. This Spring, we’re going with Strawberry Coconut!

Cinnamon Pillows:

This is what dreams are made of – fluffy dough tossed in melted butter, dusted with cinnamon sugar, and finished with a vanilla glaze.


Black Forest:

Our plant-based take on a classic: a chocolate base with tart cherry compote swirled throughout makes this the most decadent ice cream in our lineup.

Jammie Hendrix:

Inspired by the popular British shortbread cookies: Jammie Dodgers. A buttery cookie butter base with swirls of strawberry jam is sure to remind you of these childhood treats.

Piña Colada:

A fruity coconut and pineapple ice cream is spiced with luxardo maraschino + nutmeg for the perfect summer treat.

Butter Popcorn:

A fun surprise for popcorn lovers! Rich buttery popcorn is made better with some ice cream.

Vietnamese Coffee:

Intense flavours and creamy condensed milk are what make Vietnamese coffee so special. Our take on it? A creamy coffee base with hints of vanilla and cardamom.



House-Made Lemonade:

Sparkling Lemonade, Lavender Chamomile Lemonade, Raspberry Lime Soda, or Pineapple Soda


Try our brand new items using our own Online Ordering system. Schedule your pick-up order up to days in advance and avoid third-party charges and fees!





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