Happy World Vegan Day

Happy World Vegan Day! We’re grateful to be celebrating another year of our plant-based restaurants in Vancouver, Victoria, and Portland — a year we couldn’t have done without our dedicated team of staff. 

Today, we’re shouting out our Victoria General Manager, Kelsey McInnes, who’s celebrating 14 years as a vegan! 

Keep reading to learn about her vegan journey. 

What does being vegan mean to you?

It means existing without harming animals. Most people love their pets like their family, but maybe haven’t yet made the connection that all animals feel the way their pets feel.   

I keep my dog safe from everything, and I wish I could keep every animal safe from the harm that humans cause them. Being vegan is the easiest first step to keeping animals away from unnecessary harm. 


What are some of your favourite vegan recipes to make?

Because I wasn’t a vegan since birth, I love to recreate the flavours of the things I’ve always enjoyed. It’s really all about the sauce!  

If I had to pick a favourite vegan dinner, it would be BBQ ribs made with jackfruit. I also love to make tacos with all the fixings like queso, guac, salsa, pickled onions, and some sort of soy curl Carne Asada.  


What are some of your favourite vegan businesses in town?

When I think of my favourites, I usually journey over to Vancouver. Places like MILA, Do Chay, MeeT, Chickpea — they’re doing it right! Vegan Pudding Co. blows my tastebuds away and I make sure to pick it up every time I visit Vancouver. I also crave the vegan options at Ahn and Chi, Nuba, Cartems Donuts, Heirloom, and Ramen Danbo. 

Locally, my new favourite indulgence is Frickin’ Delights Donuts. Their stuff is so good! I love grabbing a quick sandwich there before work.  

I’d also direct everyone over to Pure Lovin’ Chocolate — it’s like Purdys for vegans! A must-visit for anyone in Victoria.  

Has being vegan changed your lifestyle beyond your diet?

Oh, definitely! For me, being vegan is all-encompassing because of my values. There’s really no option in my mind that isn’t vegan and cruelty-free. I check labels for everything I buy — whether it’s food, drinks, cleaners, clothes, or makeup. Once you have your go-to brands and products, it’s easy to stick to being vegan. 


Do you feel connected with your local vegan community?

I do! Being at Virtuous Pie since we opened [in Victoria] has really connected me with the local vegan community. But even before Virtuous Pie, I was active in the local vegan Facebook groups and always appreciated the insights of others — mainly for tracking down new vegan products or trying out a newly recommended dish.  

It’s great to be around folks who care the same way that I care about animal wellbeing.  


What does a fully vegan world look like to you?

I imagine no forced suffering to benefit humans and I can only hope we continue to move in this direction. Places like Virtuous Pie are making it easy for folks to see that eating vegan means not having to compromise on flavour and comfort.

Huge car companies using all vegan leathers in their vehicles, huge chains like Burger King opening up solely vegan shops around the world, and manufacturing plants opening up new facilities to continue to make dairy-free alternatives because of the demand… All these things are wins for the animals, but we still have a long way to go. 

I am fortunate to live in a vegan home with a vegan partner and family, and my dog is vegan too! When I come to work, everything is vegan here. So, I feel like I’m living as close as I can inside my little vegan world and it’s awesome!  


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