About Us

Our Vision

Virtuous Pie is all about creating food that tastes great, is good for your body and supports a healthy planet.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of a plant-based diet by providing delicious, affordable, and fast plant-based food options in an inclusive environment. We’re out to create positive change in the world—one slice (or scoop!) at a time.

Our Values

Virtuous Pie is an elevated fast-casual restaurant, focused on handcrafted pizza and ice-cream, made 100% from plants.

At Virtuous Pie we offer something unique. Something that’s created for foodies of all types demanding great taste, innovation, and surprise. It is these values that guide us across all that we do, from our design centric approach to our space, our environmentally sustainable packaging, and most importantly, our menu.

Our Menu

From day one, we decided that we would take a hand-crafted approach to our menu. We are proud to say that we craft much of what we serve in-house, including our exclusive nut cheeses, three-day dough, and creamy plant-based ice cream.

We are invested in building relationships with local growers and suppliers, establishing partnerships with local craft beer brewers, kombucha and wine producers, and the purveyors of key ingredients featured on our menu. Whether you need a quick bite for lunch or are looking to linger over dinner, we want you to eat well and feel good about what you eat. #EatVirtuous

That Plant Life

Virtuous Pie is committed to connecting with our communities and culture. Being an active community member and loyal neighbor is essential to who we are, and we are proud to be working with local organizations to give back to the community that sustains us.

Through events, volunteering, and collaborations, we are excited to share #ThatPlantLife with our communities and look forward to having you be a part of the movement!

Our People

Virtuous Pie is its people. Every day our staff bring VIrtuous Pie to life in new and varied ways.

Creating a united collective of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to our mission and share our values is the foundation of our culture and our success.

Gift Cards

Treat your friends, family (and yourself), to a Virtuous Pie Gift Card…because who doesn’t need pizza in their life?

Gift Cards are available for purchase in store, for any nomination you’d like.  Virtuous Pie Gift Cards can be used across all Virtuous Pie locations.

Corporate Contact

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