Wholesale Cheese


At Virtuous Pie, we are committed to making our food in-house, meaning our chefs take care in developing recipes that are truly unique, taste great, and are totally addicting.

Our house-made vegan cheeses are created in Vancouver, at our UBC Wesbrook Village restaurant, by our in store team who work with our product on the daily. From ingredients to display, their expert eyes are on the product to ensure we deliver a quality and consistent experience with every batch of cheese we create. We made waves when we announced our retail cheese program in the summer of 2018, earning mentions in the likes of VegNews Magazine + LiveKindly, and now we want to bring the buzz to your store shelves and restaurant.

We’re proud to offer our Tofu Feta + Lemon Herb Chèvre to sell in your retail store, or offer at service size for your restaurant:

Virtuous Pie Lemon Herb Chevre


Our Chèvre is a fan favourite – by staff and customers alike. This soft, velvety tofu based cheese is perfectly spreadable with a nice zesty finish.

We like to pair it with a toasted artisan bread, sprinkle it over salads, or stir it into a sauce.


Our semi-firm feta, with distinct salty and slightly acidic notes is hailed as the ‘real deal’ when it comes to plant-based substitutes for this classic tangy cheese.

Perfect for salads, pizzas, or simply on its own! This cheese is currently used in our Kale + Squash Salad and has gained lots of love on vegan influencer Erin Ireland’s blog.


Interested in selling our cheese at your retail location, or added it to your restaurant menu? Contact us at ubc-orders@virtuouspie.com to share your interest and we’ll be in touch!

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