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VEGAN GRANT OPPORTUNITY | We’re giving away $1000 in each of our communities to 3 plant-based pioneers. Head to virtuouspie.com/vegangrant to learn more!
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Virtuous Pie now offers bike delivery from our Wesbrook Village store to the UBC campus. We can deliver for orders with up to 7 pizzas when you order online (delivery not available by phone order).

Designed by interior design firm Mason Studio, our 2,000 sqft UBC Wesbrook Village location is takes inspiration from its surroundings, using contrasts to create a dynamic space.  Terrazzo flooring, PaperStone wood-like wall cladding and floating plants installation from the Vancouver, local supplier Greenstems are key elements of our space. The restaurant features a mix of individual tables as well as some communal tables which are lit by pendant lights from Vancouver designer Lukas Peet. We are excited to celebrate our artist collaborations, including featured artwork from local artist Maia Boakye, Lindsay Cohen, and Sarah Delaney Schick.


We’re excited to offer exclusive specials at Wesbrook Village almost every day of the week! Scroll to the bottom to see what we’re offering.

Interested in joining our UBC WESBROOK VILLAGE team?
Contact us HERE with your Cover Letter and Resume.

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Get The Scoop: January ’19

New year, new menu updates! From launching Virtuous Hour and brunch in Toronto, to adding some new items to Happy Hour in Vancouver and Portland, to rolling out a whole new brunch menu across all markets, we’ve got lots to look forward to this January.


It’s To Die For

Erin Ireland’s To Die For Chocolate Macadamia Nut Banana Bread and Lemon Coconut loaves are well-known and well-loved treats in Vancouver, and Virtuous Pie is excited to carry them as a part of our pastry program at Wesbrook Village.

Pair them with our local, handcrafted coffee or teas for an instant pick-me-up.


Blume is a lovechild between two friends, with a mission to make stuff that tastes good, and is good for you.

Their specialty mixes are made in Vancouver, but they aren’t your average lattes. Sporting bright hues of yellow and pink, Blume’s lattes are not only pretty to look at, but they pack a powerful superfood punch.

Try a Turmeric or Beet latte with your choice of plant-based milk and grab a house-made pastry while you’re at it (it’s all about balance after all)!

Dipped Doughnuts

Dipped Doughnuts offers a range of creative and classic doughnuts that are handcrafted in their local commissary kitchen and delivered straight to your door – and to Virtuous Pie Wesbrook three times a week!

With flavours like Cinnamon Cookie, Coconut Macaroon, Cherry Bomb, and Nutty Professor, how can you resist?!

Matchstick Coffee

Roasted locally, Matchstick Coffee shares Virtuous Pie’s values in community and great taste. Building strong relationships not only in Vancouver, but with their growers ensures that their specialty coffees are made with care, from bean to cup.

Grab a coffee with a breakfast sandwich for breakfast on-the-go, or pick up a bag of beans from our Retail section to make it yours!


Narrative wine is a certified organic wine out of the Okanagan, from a team committed to farming wines that are lively, elegant, and let the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley shine through.

Enjoy a glass (or carafe!) of the Cab Franc Merlot alongside our hearty Chorizo + Artichoke pie.

33 Acres


Only a few blocks away from our Chinatown location is 33 Acres Brewery, a partner we are proud to serve alongside our pizza and ice cream.

With beers inspired by the Pacific Northwest, we love their 33 Acres of Ocean – a light amber, floral hoppy beer – with our Calabrese pizza

Four Winds


Situated just off the banks of the Fraser river in Delta BC, Four Winds brewery is a family & friend built brewery, and are at the forefront of the BC craft beer scene.

We are excited to partner with Four Winds, serving their Saison (pair it with our Stranger Wings) and their IPA (perfect with our Superfunghi).

Hoochy ‘Booch

Virtuous Pie is excited to have Hoochy ‘Booch’s light, bubbly, and refreshing kombucha flowing from our taps. Brewed locally in Vancouver, they rely on natural and unique tea blends for their delicious flavours, while skipping out on added fruit, juice, or sugars.

Try it during weekend brunch in a Mim-Bucha cocktail, or with a scoop of our handcrafted ice cream as a float!


Based in Whistler, Namasthe teas are carefully crafted each step of the way using both organic single-origin leaves and locally foraged botanicals.

Enjoy a mug of their organic matcha with your selection of plant-based milk, or their loose-leaf teas alongside brunch or dessert!

Next Jen


NextJen’s chef-created gluten-free flour blends and mixes means there is no need for sacrifice in texture and flavour when it comes to eating gluten-free.

Try the gluten-free crust as the base for your pizza, and don’t forget a decadent gluten-free ice cream sandwich for dessert!

Lindsay Cohen

Lindsay is a Vancouver-based artist who has always been inspired by food as art, with her artistic focus revolving around this. She is also drawn to minimalism and pattern repetition, and her current body of work explores these areas without losing the focus on food!

Her day job (or night job) is an emergency physician. When she’s not doing art or working, her favourite thing is being out on the trails, napping, and watching reality television with her lab, Leo.

Sarah Delaney

Based in Vancouver, Sarah’s large canvas greets each guest who walks into Virtuous Pie Wesbrook Village.

Her abstract patterns and strokes in the piece tell a story of the landscapes which surrounds the location, such as the vastness of the sea and sky seen from Wreck Beach, the humbling and mysterious conifers of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and the colourful produce and flora at UBC Farm where she was married.

Maia Boakye

Maia is a Canadian artist and illustrator who created 3 colourful prints inspired by her time spent at UBC and the West Coast landscape surrounding the campus.

The pieces reflect her memories of the seasonal changes and colours she observed. “Although there were grey days, in Vancouver autumn is red and orange, winter is blue and white and summer is pink, yellow and so green.”

Pizza + Ice Cream That Plant Life